California High Speed Rail plan; new plan approved

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I am pleased to give you an update regarding the latest news regarding the new California High Speed Rail plan, that has been finally approved a few days ago by the California High Speed Rail Authority Board
This project, valued at more that $65 Billion, brings great opportunities for european companies with high speed rail experience, in verticals such as technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, financing, consulting and more.
After some months of interaction and intense work with the High Speed Rail authority and the strong commitment of Governor Brown, this new plan solves most of the challenges that the project was facing, including planning, financing and construction. 
Which are the major changes in the new plan that will impact so positively the most important construction project in the west coast?
  • Specific Projects - The Authority just approved a plan to pursue simultaneous projects in both Northern and Southern California. Project is made increasingly viable with high ridership in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
  • Money & Government Support and Commitment - New funding of billions in construction with a strong public commitment through new annual appropriations.
  • Opportunity - Projects are being identified now but there will be an incredible amount of opportunity and a shortage of US expertise
How to get into this market? - EAEC´s (European American Enterprise Council) transportation and infrastructure expert consultants, who spoke at the board meeting and have organized private sector interest previously are a good place to start for advice on political issues, potential opportunities, market strategy, and operational execution. 

Because of the size and complexity of the project, european companies with proven expertise should seriously consider committing with this new market. 
For more information, please contact Matt at +1 7148138087 or German at +34 630945125 or by email at
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